Today’s generation of elder Americans is not used to for asking for help. Many seniors have lived through turbulent times, and they are accustomed to finding their own solutions.

Interestingly, what may have been a virtue in times gone by, can now turn into a liability, because seniors may have lost a step, but they have not lost an ounce of pride. Therefore, it is incumbent on you to look for the signs that cause concern.

Elder Care Link suggests the following things to watch for:

Do they seem depressed?

If your parents are sleeping too much, have no interest in their hobbies, or have a decreased appetite, they may be suffering from depression. Ask someone who sees them frequently about their moods when you aren’t there.

Are they having balance problems?

If a parent is walking unsteadily, insist they see a doctor. Balance problems could be an early sign of an inner ear infection, bad joints or even dementia.

Have they lost a lot of weight?

Look in their refrigerator and pantry to make sure they have nutritious food on hand. If eating isn’t the issue, suggest they get a complete physical to discover the reason behind the weight loss.

Often, elders don’t want to disclose that they are having trouble because they fear they’ll have to move to a nursing home. Let them know there are other options, including In-Home Care.

With In-Home Care, as provided by Danville Support Services, trained professionals visit your loved ones to provide companionship, help with daily tasks, and more.

Danville can help your family members remain in their home, assuring their dignity and independence. If they are living in an assisted living facility, it’s nice to have someone from Danville stop by to take them on outings and give them some private time away from the facility.

Danville can be there when you can’t. Call us at 801-363-1521 for a free needs assessment today. We’ll also share our cranberry relish secrets. So, call today for everyone’s benefit!