Respite is a new word to me. It means rest, break, or a brief period of recovery between periods of exertion. For caregivers it means time to refuel their tank so they can carry on and be strong while caring for others.

According to, significant percentages of family caregivers report physical or mental health problems due to caregiving. A recent survey of caregivers of children, adults and the disabled conducted by the National Family Caregivers Association, found that while 70% of the respondents reported finding an inner strength they didn’t know they had, 27% reported having more headaches, 24% reported stomach disorders, 41% more back pain, 51% more sleeplessness and 61% reported more depression. These numbers can be even higher when taking care of a loved one suffering from dementia.

I never really thought about needing a break when caring for my family. I enjoy being with them. But sometimes there is just not enough time in the day especially when I’m working. It’s nice when other family members can help, however that is not always an option. That’s where Danville Support Services can help.

Some of the services Danville provides include:

  • In-home care
  • Personal care
  • Health services
  • Recreation/leisure
  • Transportation

Each caregiver who works for Danville has passed a criminal background check, has been tested for illegal drug use, has passed a DMV check and has been fingerprinted. Danville satff are also bonded and insured, so you can feel safe knowing that your loved one is being cared for by someone who is fully qualified to provide the highest quality in-home care. Danville also gives their caregivers a rigorous competency-based training in four key areas: Personal Care, Home Services, Health Services, and Quality of Life.

So, my advice to you if you are caring for family right now, call Danville Support Services and get some RESPITE :-)