Eating what’s in season used to be the only way to eat. Of course, that changed with the rise of the modern supermarket made possible by advances in agriculture, international sourcing and transportation. Yet, it’s still a smart idea to eat local, seasonal foods and fall is the perfect time to enjoy some fantastic heartwarming recipes.

Margaret Polaneczky, MD, offers up her recipe for Autumn Red Quinoa Salad with Edamame, Roasted Sweet Potato & Cauliflower on her site, The Blog That Ate Manahttan.

Eating Well is also offerring a bunch of creative recipes for fall. Do you like Brussel Sprouts? I don’t either, but that all changes when the preparation is perfectly executed.

When it comes starchier side dishes, roasting sweet potatoes is easier than boiling and mashing them. And maple syrup glaze transforms this ultra-simple dish into something sublime.

Naturally, you want to save room for desert. If you want something that’s so decadent you can only have it once a year, take a look at this recipe for Caramelized Pear Bread Pudding.