More than half of America’s boomer caregivers, ages 40 to 60, need support and help to take care of aging parents or other loves ones, according to a new survey conducted by AARP and the Ad Council.

In 2009, there were roughly 42 million unpaid caregivers in the United States, providing an estimated $450 billion worth of unpaid care to adult and aging relatives and friends.

That’s a lot of “Do It Yourself” spirit, and we admire this and support the DIY appoach at Danville. We also provide essential support services to the aging who need some assistance and to their families, who simply can’t do it all on their own, despite the best of intentions.

“Only those who care for others know what it’s really like to care for others. That’s why we created a community where caregivers can connect with experts and others facing similar challenges,” said Barry Rand, CEO of AARP.

Caregivers in need of support can also dial AARP’s toll-free hotline at 877-333-5885, or call Danville directly at 801-363-1521. We are here to help.