My name is Ruth Gomez and I’ve been working with Danville since I was a sophomore in college. I’m here to share my story, and why I’ve continued working with them throughout the years.  

Why did you start working with Danville? 

I started working with Danville seasonally, winters and summers, when I wasn’t attending University in Oregon. I had family in Utah, and my sister had a baby and needed some family support. Danville Support Services hired me on as a seasonal worker in Utah and I kept working with them throughout college and for the summer after before moving on to use my degree. I really appreciated that they were flexible with my schedule, offered seasonal work, and thereby allowed me to be there for my sister and my new nephew while still making some cash for school!  

Danville often gets seasonal clients who come to Utah for the winter or the summer, so this worked out great for me! I’d recommend this option to any college students who’d like to do fulfilling work during their breaks.  

What made you return to Danville? 

I’m 27 now, and I have always had a desire to help others in whatever capacity I can. I love this company and the people that work for it. After working at other companies in Oregon as a Behavioral Therapist and a Case Manager, I found the work environment was just not for me. It never felt like a good fit, I missed the flexibility, kindness, and support I had when working at Danville. So when I moved to Utah, I rekindled my relationship with Danville.  

They found me a great client for a summer live-in position. I was in awe of Danville’s dedication to making sure the client and I were both a good fit, and the summer I spent with this client was awesome. I loved the work I did, the support I gave, and the caring relationship that developed between me, the client, and their family.  

What now?  

Now I work for Danville helping out the marketing team and picking up caregiving shifts as needed. They are still flexible with my schedule as I’ve returned to school, and they are still as kind as I remember. The staff here loves the work they do and genuinely care about the people they serve.  


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