Many families know that their aging parents need a little help around the home, but they’re concerned about the family budget, and they wonder if it will allow for the costs of in-home care.

Danville Support Services can help your family find financial resources for those needing these services.

Start by calling Salt Lake County Aging and Adult Services at 385-468-3280. Ask if there are grants available for in-home care. Also ask about the state-funded Medicaid Waiver programs. Depending on your family’s circumstances and the availability of programs, our local Aging and Adult Services can be a helpful solution.

If your loved one is a Veteran, or the spouse of a Veteran,  mom or dad may qualify for aid and attendance. Contact your local Veterans Administration office for more information. The V.A. can provide up to $2,700 a month for a qualifying couple needing assistance.

We also have many clients who purchased long term care insurance, which helps cover the costs for care in the home. Some seniors also consider the benefits of a reverse mortgage to help them stay in there home long-term.

A good reminder for the adult children of aging seniors…start those Health Savings Accounts today, and be prepared to live past 90!

Whatever your age, and whatever your needs around the home, Danville Supports is here to help. Some clients require our help just a few hours per week. Others need daily help with household tasks, taking medications and getting to and from the doctor.

When you reach out for help, you will start to free yourself of the long list of tasks associated with caring for an aging parent. Wouldn’t you rather spend more quality time with your loved ones?