Shopping is my thing. I love to window shop, bargain shop and shop till I drop. However, this fun activity has taken on a whole new meaning while taking my family and elder clients shopping.

I have to ask, “Where’s your cane? Where’s your walker? Did you call in your prescription? Did you take your medicine?” And just getting to the car safely can be a worry. Winter can be especially dangerous with ice, snow and extreme weather.

I found these facts listed in the Salt Lake Aging Services Newsletter for January very interesting and helpful.

Fainting and Fall Facts

  • Fainting accounts for up to 3% of all emergency department visits.
  • Fainting is the sixth leading cause of hospitalization for people over the age of 65.
  • 28-35% of adults over the age of 65 fall at least once.
  • Adults who fall have a two-thirds chance of falling again within the next year.
  • 20-30% of people who fall suffer moderate to severe injuries.
  • Up to 30- 80% of faint and fall episodes respectively are unexplained, even after evaluation by a doctor.

According to a recent study by the University of Utah and the Faint Clinic, the average cost of an inpatient evaluation for fainting was $12,640. The average cost of an out patient clinic evaluation was less than $500. To learn more about the Faint and Fall Clinic, please call (801) 213-2033.

Shopping can be fun again with all the right equipment. Shop till you drop, but please don’t fall.