When you visit your aging parents this Christmas, give them the gift of your full attention. Parents are proud, they may not want to ask for the help they need.

This is our busiest season at Danville Support Services. When you haven’t seen a family member for a year, you may be surprised at their declining condition. When you do, it’s really a wake up call to get the help they need.

Call Danville Support Services (801) 363-1521 to have a caregiver scheduled a few hours a week to start, then as your loved one develops a relationship with their helper, then they start to look forward to seeing them and going to the store, errands, doctor appointments, etc. Maintaining their independence is so important and we can help them acheive that, while providing you some comfort and peace of mind, as well.

If you’d like some additional resources, take a look at National Care Planning Council’s website for tips and advice for caregivers and their families. For instance, NCPC says family “caregivers often don’t recognize when they are in over their heads, and often get to a breaking point.”

A typical pattern with an overloaded caregiver may unfold as follows:

  • 1 to 18 months – the caregiver is confident, has everything under control and is coping well. Other friends and family are lending support.
  • 20 to 36 months – the caregiver may be taking medication to sleep and control mood swings. Outside help dwindles away and except for trips to the store or doctor, the caregiver has severed most social contacts. The caregiver feels alone and helpless.
  • 38 to 50 months – Besides needing tranquilizers or antidepressants, the caregiver’s physical health is beginning to deteriorate. Lack of focus and sheer fatigue cloud judgment and the caregiver is often unable to make rational decisions or ask for help.

There’s no need to put that kind of pressure on you, your spouse or your parents. Let Danville’s professional caregivers provide a helping hand.