Are you the adult child of an aging parent? As potential future caregivers, it’s important to be aware of signs that indicate further help may be needed.

The Mayo Clinic offers five warning signs to be aware of as you visit with and care for your aging parents:

  1. Have your aging parents lost weight?
  2. Are your aging parents taking care of themselves?
  3. Are your aging parents safe in their home?
  4. Are your aging parents in good spirits?
  5. Are your aging parents having difficulty getting around?

Some of the action steps suggested if the questions above have been answered affirmatively include:

  • Share your concerns with your parents.
  • Encourage regular medical checkups.
  • Address safety issues.
  • Seek help from local agencies.
  • Consider in-home care services.

A great kernel of advice from the article suggests that you “remind your parents that you care about them and that you want to do what’s best to promote their health and well-being, both today and in the months and years to come.”

Learn more about taking action to promote the well being of your parents, read the entire article and explore the many resources on the Mayo Clinic website.