The following is a (slightly edited) thank you letter we received from a satisfied client.

After my mother’s third fall in her home—one which left her on the floor over a full night and into the next day before she was discovered by a friend—we realized it was time to make some changes.

She had turned down offers to live with us, because she wanted to stay in her own home and did not want to go to an assisted living center. My brother is the only one who lives within an hour’s drive, so we had reached a milestone and needed to act on my mom’s behalf. We heard about Danville from the rehabilitation center my mom was in after her fall, and thought let’s give it a try.

My mother had lived alone for 26 years, so she fought us about having someone come into her home to help her. We had someone from Danville come in a couple hours a day to start with, so we knew someone would be there everyday to check on her safety. The home health care worker from Danville was there when she showered, to take her places, to do light housework and just to be there each morning to make sure she wasn’t on the floor after another fall.

My mom soon realized this new service was a necessity in her life. After a couple changes with the assigned caregivers, Danville found the right fit for my Mother. She said, “I love my caregiver, I know she cares about me and I enjoy being with her.”

I can’t express the peace of mind this has brought to my family and I. It has been worth every penny to know my mother is safe and being cared for when we can’t be there.

Danville has been wonderful to work with. Your staff have bent over backwards to help us with my mother and help meet her needs. I highly recommend your services and will be happy to recommend you to anyone. Thank you for all that you have done for my family and my mom.


Nanette Merrell (Daughter of Rella Williams)