Starting in the 80’s, some home care costs for Utah seniors was supported by Medicaid waivers!  

In the past, Waivers like the NEW Choices Waiver, Aging Waiver, and more were used to help pay for care while starting at home. In recent years, these waivers have had such low reimbursement rates that most of the providers in Utah no longer accept Medicaid waiver clients. 

This means that lower-income individuals who need care are being forced into institutional settings, like skilled nursing facilities, since there are little to no available Medicaid Waiver providers to help them stay at home.  

You can read about the history of these waivers here: Medicaid Waiver Fact Sheet 

The good news is, organizations like the HHAU lobby to get the State of Utah to increase the reimbursement rates of waivers that could help Seniors stay at home. You can find out more and how to support them here:  

Plan for your Future Now: It is never to early to start planning for you or a loved ones care. We recommended everyone:  

  • Look into costs of care that you would like. Whether that be at home or in an awesome community. Get acquainted with the numbers.  
  • Look into Long term care insurance or talk to a financial advisor. Long term care insurance can help pay for costs of care later on. Talk to an expert if needed. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We are here as a resource! 

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